Droplet Brooch - Bee & Hydrangea

$25.00 AUD
  • Droplet Brooch - Bee & Hydrangea

Statement Droplet brooch with a single bee, pale aqua hydrangea petals, gold foil and iridescent blue pigment. Each piece is an individual artwork, mimicking a tiny world of colour and intriguing patterns and shapes.

Each brooch is individually hand poured, sanded and polished so no two pieces are alike!

Due to the handmade nature of this work, please note that there may be some slight imperfections (such as air bubbles) which add to the uniqueness of each piece.

You will receive the exact brooch that is pictured

The pendant measures approximately 4.2 cm at its widest point and weighs approximately 16 grams.

Handmade with epoxy resin and metal pin.

The bees I use in my work have already passed when I found them. I would never purposely catch one to put in resin. All the bees I use in my work are either found already passed or they are given to me by my neighbours, Buzzing Gardens, after they remove the dead bees from their hive.

Please keep in mind that screens and monitors can make colours look a little different to what they do in real life.